Saturday, January 26, 2013

2013 Topps Heritage BoBuBingo! (Group Break Bingo)


BoBuBingo is back at Crackin' Wax and this time we'll be busting into two hobby boxes of 2013 Topps Heritage! The first box will be assigned team slots and the second will be random team slots. You are not required to buy into both boxes, however if you do take an assigned team from Box 1, you get a discount for a random team in Box 2. You will also get 1 Bingo card for each team slot you secure. The break and game will take place the first Wednesday after the boxes arrive or the first Wednesday after the final slot has been locked--whichever comes last.

Unfamiliar with BoBuBingo (Box Buster Bingo)? BoBuBingo is a fun game of Bingo played with trading cards. Each game is typically played live and features a sealed box of trading cards. The numbers from each trading card that is pulled from the box is used to call numbers. Prizes are awarded to winners and, in most cases, you do not need to be there during the live portion of the game to play!

Ready to sign up? Want to learn more? Please see the 2013 Topps Heritage BoBuBingo page on Crackin' Wax!

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