Thursday, November 29, 2012

Welcome to the First Annual Crackin’ Wax Holiday Gift Exchange! This will work something like a Secret Santa except I’ll be using to assign gift-givers to giftees. A form has been provided for you to enter your information which will be shared with your selected gift-giver and, vice versa, your giftee’s info will be shared with you.

There will be NO spending minimum (you may have something in your PC that your giftee would like)
There will be NO spending limit (who am I to stifle your generosity?)
Sign-ups end at 11:59pm Central 11/30/2012
Participants will be notified of their giftees’ information on or after 12/1/2012
Gifts should be sent before 1/1/2013
Once you’ve received your gift from your gift-giver, please share it on Crackin' Wax
I am keeping a list of all participants and their information
I will not be participating–I’ll know who my gift-giver is and that’s just no fun

Feel free to be as creative as you like. Don’t feel like you absolutely must stick to your giftee’s wish list. If your giftee has a blog, visit it and find out more about him/her.

Want to join in on the fun? All you need to do is go to the Holiday Gift Exchange tab on the Crackin’ Wax Facebook page and fill out the provided form. That’s it!