Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Crackin' Wax's Topps '13 S1 Jumbo Case Break Raffle

I'm doing my first ever Case Break! This one is going to be a doozy. I’m going to be cracking into a brand new jumbo case of 2013 Topps S1–but things are going to be just a little bit different. Not only is this going to be a traditional case break divided into team slots, I’m also going to be giving away one of the jumbo boxes from the case!

All cards from five of the six boxes will be used for the case break. You pick the team slot(s) you would like, pay for your slot(s), and I send you your new cards after the break! Along with your paid slot(s), you will also receive one free raffle slot for each team slot you purchase. After all team slots have been filled, raffle slots will be open to the general public for a $5 donation per raffle slot. The raffle slots are unlimited, so you are allowed to request as many as you wish after all team slots have been filled!

After all of the team slots have been filled, all post-fee PayPal donations* made for requested raffle slots will be donated to the Make-A-Wish Foundation! That means that for just a measly $5 you could score an entire freshly sealed jumbo box of Topps ’13 S1 AND you’d be helping out an amazing cause!

For more information and to sign up, just visit the Topps ’13 S1 Jumbo Case Break Raffle page at Crackin' Wax. Hurry up, though! Your team(s) might not be available for long!

*Donations will be paid through PayPal via Crackin’ Wax. PayPal charges a fee of approximately $0.45 for every $5 donation, therefor approximately $4.55 of your $5 donation will be sent to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.